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A unique approach to Invisalign

Harewood support you with a full featured package to make sure you get the best results and value from your Invisalign treatment


Why choose Harewood for your Invisalign treatment?

With over 40 years dental experience, providing exceptional levels of care and expertise you are in good hands. Harewood provides a relaxed, professional environment that minimizes stress levels and gives you all the access and flexibility you need to gain the maximum results possible from this innovative and highly advanced technology.

With Invisalign at Harewood, there are no nasty impressions and nothing more to buy in order to get the most from your treatment.

The unique Harewood Complete Package contains everything you need including: 

* Not included for Invisalign i7 cases


iTero 3D Technology

Harewood has invested in iTero 3D scanning technology which not only improves the patient experience but also offers faster treatment planning and reduced lead times.


Say no to messy, stressful impressions.

Above the unique Harewood Complete care package.

At Harewood we believe that your natural teeth are the best, we think porcelain veneers are a last resort for certain types of cases, and using Invisalign we can guide you to a smile that will make you happy to smile all day

Even the most challenging cases can be resolved with Invisalign

Below, a more challenging example showing what can be achieved. The before and after images show the initial problems and the resulting alignment following Invisalign treatment - the video shows the progress over 86 steps.

The Harewood Invisalign process:

Step one:

Harewood offers an initial free consultation where we can do a quick initial assessment and advise you if Invisalign is suitable for you. During this appointment, we will discuss treatment duration and cost.

If you wish to commence then:

Step two

We book an appointment with our Hygienist who will ensure that your teeth and gums are clean and ready for scanning.

Having very clean teeth and gum lines has a number of advantages, firstly it helps give us the best scans possible which increases accuracy, final fit and the identification of any potential problems before treatment starts. Secondly, as you will be wearing the aligners for 22+ hours each day the cleaner your mouth and gums are the easier it will be to keep a fresh clean mouth.

Step Three

We conduct 3D Scans of your entire mouth using the latest state of the art iTero system and together with the Invisalign system develop a treatment plan where we can show you the outcome via computer visualisations.

The completed treatment plan and scan data is then submitted to Invisalign and your aligners are produced.

Step Four

As soon as your aligners are ready we conduct a session fully familiarise you with how the aligners work, how to look after them and your teeth during the treatment. We equip you with all the information and guidance needed to get the best results.

Above - an example of an aligner, Invisalign will produce a number of these (quantity depends on the treatment plan) which are changed weekly to slowly re-align your teeth in a controlled gentle way which is virtually pain-free and easy to live with. Due to Invisalign's leading materials technology, treatment times are now typically less than six months.


We also present you with the unique Harewood Complete Care Pack which contains everything you will need to keep your teeth and the aligners clean and fresh for the duration of your treatment with us.

Step Five

Through regular checkups, we map your progress and give you all the support you need.

Step Six

When the treatment completes we carry out a complete mouth bleaching to whiten your teeth and maximise the impact of your new smile.

To further maximise the look of your new smile we provide vouchers which offer considerable discounts on items such as further hygienist sessions and the replacement of silver fillings with white fillings.

We want you to enjoy your new smile!

Call us today to discuss your case. At Harewood, your initial Invisalign consultation is free and without any obligation.

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